Wild boar ragu


Net weight: 220 gr

A classic red ragu of the Tuscan tradition, produced with the most selected pulps of wild boar cuts. A ready-made sauce suitable for pici, pappardelle or tagliatelle, vacuum-packed with autoclave technology, which perfectly preserves the sauce, so you can enjoy unique flavors within a few minutes, without sacrificing its highest quality, with Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil, Italian peeled tomatoes and slow cooking.

Our product does NOT contain added water, we recommend that you emulsify it with half a ladle of cooking water.

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Ingredients:wild boar meat (37,88%),  pork meat (10,40%), tomato (34,32%), white wine (9%), extra virgin olive oil (1,6%), carrot (1,4%), celery (1%), onion (4%), laurel, Contains sulfites..

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