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Vin Santo di Montepulciano DOCG 1996, Talosa


Yeast inherited from the early 1900 and small oak barrels date the same period, yield this product unique.

Seductive meditation wine, amber golden yellow. Intense ethereal aroma characteristic of ripe fruit, honey, sweet spices. Warm, velvety, dazzling and seductive, ample, intriguing and aphrodisiac.

Winery: Talosa; region: Tuscany; denomination: Vin Santo di Montepulciano DOCG; alcohol content: 15%; vines: Trebbiano, Malvasia, Grechetto.

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The grapes are dried about 3/4 months in boxes. Manual control and selection every week during the drying grape. Pressing with vertical press. The juice stays with the “mother” for many years in small oak barrels capacity of 70/90 lt. Following the bottling and sale in bottle of 0,375 litres.

Mother: is a kind of sediment dense and dark. Formed by families of enzymes and / or yeasts that have the ability to live and multiply (within an environment so rich in sugar, such as juice from Vin Santo, usually these are fatal conditions for yeast commonly used for wine) handed down generation to generation.

PAIRING: spectacular explosion of sensations with blue cheeses, it goes well with dry pastries and dried fruit

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