Tripe with tomato


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Another classic recipe of the Tuscan tradition, which uses all parts of steer’s stomach. In Tuscany, the first three steer’s stomach chambers end up in tripe and the actual stomach becomes Lampredotto!

The so-called “fifth quarter” is the protagonist of taste. In Tuscany, tripe is cooked with tomato, in some cases you can add ground beef or meat, we add lard to the sauté to make it tasty and tender. Someone like it with parmesan, or even better, Tuscan pecorino cheese.

Vacuum-packed with autoclave technology, which perfectly preserves the dish, so you can enjoy unique flavors within a few minutes, without sacrificing its highest quality, with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, Italian peeled tomatoes and slow cooking.
Our product does NOT contain added water. We recommend that you emulsify it with a ladle of cooking water.

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Ingredienti: Tripe (66,3%), tomato (33%), extra virgin olive oil (0,27%), lard (salt, pepper, aromas) (0,1%), onion (0,27%), parsley (0,06%),salt.

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