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Ribollita soup


Net weight: 320 gr

Classic soup of the Tuscan tradition, one of the many ways of recycling unsalted bread, once it’s dry. Tomato soup in summer, and Ribollita in winter, strictly with black cabbage, also called Tuscan cabbage, which guarantees its intense and dark green leaves throughout the cold season. We recommend that you heat it up with a few ladles of water, or even better, broth, and then pour it on the stale bread. You can also consume it cold or the next day. Vacuum-packed with autoclave technology, which perfectly protects the sauce, so you can enjoy unique flavors within a few minutes, without sacrificing its highest quality, with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and slow cooking.
Our product does NOT contain added water.

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Ingredients:Carrot, conion, celery, black cabbage, casavoy cabbage, spinach, potatoes, borlotti beans, cannellini beans, pumpkin, salt, water.

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