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Piano Piano Poco Poco Sauvignon blanc IGT 2017, Casavyc


The Casavyc’s Sauvignon blanc IGT is extremely fragrant, the Piano Piano Poco Poco isa real jewel produced by a very small vineyard on an extreme soil, rich in limestone, which gives the wine hints of white fruit, citrus and flowers and gives it a dry and fresh taste, pleasantly citrusy. Only 1000 bottles of a wine that can be drunk even in summer, served chilled at a temperature of 12 degrees. A wine that preserves the scents of the forest!

Winery: Casavyc; region: Tuscany; denomination: Toscana IGT; alcohol content: 13.%; vines: 100% Sauvignon blanc

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A wine that gives us a great emotion: rich, vibrant, salty and with a strong acidity that makes it suitable for long aging.

PAIRING: fish dishes, white meats, boiled meats and soups.

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