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Organic Toscanello Bean Col d’Orcia 350 gr


A Tuscan DOC bean, which maintains the traditional flavors and aromas of this region.

It has a thin, white skin and small caliber. It resists cooking very well and is suitable for salads and side dishes.

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Beans have always been considered the “meat of the poor” because, like all legumes, in association with whole grains, they constitute a complete and well balanced nourishment.
The Ancient varieties have a very thin skin that makes them more digestible and well accepted even by those who tolerate legumes poorly.
We recommend a soak of at least 4/5 hours, followed by a wash in running water. Then put the beans in abundant cold water and brought to the boil over low heat. Salt can be added from the boil. Cook for approx. 1 hour.

350 gr pack.

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