Onion of the Selva pâté


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Onion of the Selva is a variety of native onion of Monte Amiata that is grown in the hamlet of Santa fiora, Selva. Its cultivation was born by the will of the Cipolla della Selva di Santa Fiora Association which set itself as its objective, through the use of the gardens of the ancient convent of the Holy Trinity (11th century) owned first by the Aldobrandeschi and then by the Sforza families, to collect and cultivate the ancient varieties of onions present in past times, in the Amiata and surrounding areas.
The Onion of the Selva is deep red in color, with a rounded shape, flattened at the top, with a white pulp internally streaked with red, very firm and tasty. This variety is well known for its great digestibility as well as for its sweet taste.

Fatt’ammano has produced this pate for canapes made with the Onion of the Selva, ideal for appetizers and delicious aperitifs.

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Ingredients:red onions of the Selva (70%), sugar (9%), white wine vinegar (15%), extra virgin olive oil (4%), salt (1%). pepper (0,5%), laurel (0,5%)

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