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Chestnut flour breadsticks


Net weight 250 gr

Someone says that the first breadsticks were born under the Mole Antonelliana, in the city of Turin, a baker named Antonio Brunero, who, in the mid 1600s, had to invent a special food for the little Duke Amedeo of Savoy, who could not to digest crumb. He therefore created the first breadstick, crunchy, dry and more digestible than ordinary bread. Ours are classic, made with only Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, and with the addition of geographically protected (I.G.P.) chestnut flour of Monte Amiata, which gives them perfumes and crunchiness.

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Ingredients: Soft wheat flour, durum wheat flour, chestnut flour, water, yeast, salt, extra virgin olive oil, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds

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