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Acquacotta soup


Net weight 320 gr

Classic soup of the Tuscan tradition, of those who used to migrate to Maremma for the wheat harvesting, and put some onions and a loaf of bread in their saddlebags. Because in Tuscany you never throw away unsalted bread. Each family interprets this dish in their own way, someone adds spinach and someone adds beans… We have always prepared it with celery and tomatoes. That’s enough, but in order to taste it at its best, you will need stale bread, a poached egg and Tuscan pecorino cheese! Mouth-watering.

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Ingredients:Tomato (51,43%), extra virgin olive oil (5,14%), onion (17,14%), celery (25,72%), salt (0,52%), chilly pepper (0,05%).

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Weight 0.536 kg

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