Fatt’ammano’s products

Genuine products reminiscent of home fragrances

The idea comes from the passion for GOOD FOOD:
we love genuine products, reminiscent of home fragrances and we want to bring these smells to your home too. This is how FATT’AMMANO SAUCES are born, a line of traditional TUSCAN DELICACIES characterized by the excellence of the raw materials and by the skill with which they are processed.

The line includes READY-MADE SAUCES, our homemade jams, soups, CHESTNUS WITH RUM, classic CANTUCCI or made with chestnut flour and our special Tuscan chicken liver paté.

You can purchase our products at the Bottega dei Ciacciai. in via Carolina 4 in Santa Fiora  or receive them comfortably at home.

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